Website design

designing The mvp for an e-commerce startup


Theatre Galleria is an online marketplace for the peer to peer resale and rental of theatre goods.  After exhaustive market research and business planning, the Theatre Galleria team hired me to create their online store.  


Theatre Galleria is setup to be a content strategy and IA challenge.  Allowing users to sell, buy, and rent merchandise from several major product categories meant I would be doing a lot of research, and a lot of trial and error.


By speaking directly to theatre professionals about how they consider their purchases, I understood and analyzed how the site should be structured.  I addressed user pain points and incorporated user behaviors into innovative, interactive UI solutions.


I was a UX team of one, collaborating directly with Theatre Galleria's CTO, CEO, and CMO to clarify and define requirements, style guides, and stay on target with business goals.  I researched, synthesized, designed, prototyped, and annotated wires.