Sketching & Wireframing  

my role

  • Convert feedback themes into IA & UI 
  • Designed screens for main task flow 
  • Built out screens for non-MVP pages
    (for presentation to stakeholders) 
  • Lead initiative to connect design
    decisions with user research 

THE Tools

  • Pen and Paper Sketches 
  • Lo-Fi Wires in Sketch 
  • Medium Fidelity Wires & User Journeys 
  • Hi-Fi, pixel-perfect mockups 

Key Takeaways

  • Iterative design process reflecting testing feedback 
  • Putting features together in task flow revealed trouble spots 
  • Identified confusing language, actions, and helped manage users’ expectations
  • On-boarding required 

Early sketches

  • Did away with unclear UI solutions, like certain sliders, card-based package options, and hash-tag filtering 
  • Migrated from push style app navigation—which required a forward progression through a booking—to a
    tab bar navigation, allowing users to quickly exit out of a booking process and start over


High-Fidelity Mockups