Tablet App Design

Amazon Book Club:
Creating a mobile social reading app for the Amazon family



Reading is a social activity. A person’s journey with a book doesn’t always begin when they see it at the store, and it rarely ends when they turn the last page. People love sharing their favorite books with friends, discussing elements of story, and getting suggestions on what to read next. People like connecting with each other, and books provide an opportunity for that.  My team and I saw a chance to capitalize on this opportunity by developing a book club app that would fit into the Amazon family.

my role

I worked hand in hand with a partner to analyze the eBook marketplace.  From there, I led the research phase.  Together, we wrote and conducted interviews, designed a UI that would fit seamlessly with Amazon's Kindle app, and created high fidelity mockups and prototype.


Currently, is not seizing on the social opportunities reading provides. Though Amazon offers several services for its Kindle reading devices and app, it lacks one familiar and effective mechanism for people to connect over books: a book club.


Amazon Book Club is an iPad app that aims to fill this gap. Its basic premise is to provide users the same experience they get in a physical book club, but virtually.