Prototyping & Testing

Using low fidelity wireframes, we created our first prototpye in InVision, and performed some user tests. As our app utilizes primarily tap-based controls, interactivity with the interface wasn’t essential to our users’ understanding, but we were able to ascertain whether the design of our app and the placement of our features was intuitive.

my role

I synthesized user test feedback and iterated on the design.  I also created prototypes in Invision and Principle.

THE tools

  • Invision
  • Principle

Key findings

  • It was unclear to users how they would arrive in clubs, create clubs, or edit club book lists: we created the screens for these flows.
  • Users were confused by too much information on each page, so we separated major tasks into a tab bar at the bottom.
  • Users remarked that they wouldn't always want to connect via video: created audio only option

A book club app is a complex machine. There are many moving parts, some of which have to source data from other devices, apps, and databases within the app itself. Our MVP is only a first step in what could become a fully functional reading platform on a level with the Kindle and iBooks: a true go-to reader. The plans are laid, it’s a matter of fleshing them out.

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