Prototyping & Testing

my role

  • Conducted 13 Usability Tests 
  • Synthesized Feedback and plugged it
    into iterative re-designs 
  • Built and update InVision Prototype 
  • Built Principle Prototype for final
    delivery to stakeholders 

THE tools

  • Sketch
  • InVision
  • Principle
  • Live Scripted Usability Tests 

Key findings

  • Made continuous adjustments based on tests, such as rearranging tasks, altering button labeling, recreating IA organization, and removing flight from initial price estimates. Principle
  • Communicated often with other stakeholders, and advocated for major changes to app flo 



Principle Prototype 2 - Exploring Trip Details



Over the course of a three week sprint, we took a product from concept to creation, giving Bookit Lyst a functional tool they could then use to further analyze their market viability. In further steps it would be useful to build out other flows in the app, like the profile and itinerary pages. As Bookit Lyst begins generating actual content, it will be imperative to work with those content creators to display information in a comprehensive, concise, and findable way. More unique content means more value to users who are unsure of handing the reins to travel agents to book their vacations. More testing and further iterations using actual content will provide more actionable feedback. 

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