User Research

my role

  • seeking out users to interview
  • writing interview questions
  • conducting many of the interviews
  • synthesizing raw user data into themes
  • drawing out design opportunities

THE Tools

  • Screener Survey
  • Scripted Interviews
  • Affinity Mapping
  • User Personas

Key Takeaways

  • Understood demographic trends
  • Observed how users behave, what they like and dislike, and what apps they use
  • Identified two separate use-cases
  • Revealed ways to convert target users 

Screener Survey

We surveyed 167 people Our survey helped us identify users' shared demographics, habits, and preferences.  


      • Focus design on 24 to 35 age demographic 
      • Bring curated hotel data to the top of trip descriptions 
      • Create and highlight personal, peer reviewed, yet comprehensive advice

      User Interviews

      Our interviews provided the most fruitful data for our design process. Looking at user comments in an affinity diagram--separating user pains, pleasures, behaviors, and context of use--allowed us to see themes which eventually turned into design opportunities.

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      • Divided User feedback into four major categories, and many smaller themes 
      • Noticed trends and behavior patterns across multiple user types 
      • Identified design opportunities to directly address user needs 
      • Identified two distinct use cases, which provided the basis for our personas 

      User Personas

      Given the abundance of feedback from our survey and interviews, we were able to identify two major use-cases. The first, which represented approximately 65% of our user base (which aligns with stakeholders’ market research) is a Millennial (24-35) who we called Erica Pollenates.

      Erica prefers to do her own research, comparing several different websites. A sense of authenticity is critical for Erica, which translates to a preference for local, one of a kind adventures. For her, an agent is a tool to help create her own authentic experience. To convert her, Bookit Lyst needs to:

      • Give her a sense of control 
      • Provide a research-oriented experience 
      • Allow for maximum customization within
        Bookit Lyst’s limitations 
      • Strike an authentic, local tone with content
        and layout

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      Our secondary persona, Amber Hall, makes up the remaining 35% of our research pool. This user is slightly older, wealthier, and more inclined to give up control to a professional.

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      Amber likes agents for their depth of knowledge, ease of use, and insider access. She trusts an expert’s judgment more than her own. To convert Amber, Bookit Lyst should focus on: 

      • Presenting a sense of knowledge and professionalism 
      • Attractive, easy to find, and easy to book packages 
      • Providing a good first experience from booking through return flight