Comparative Analysis

my role

I researched the travel booking space to identify direct competitors in the travel booking field, as well as some comparative offerings that would provide inspiration for our design. I then spearheaded the creation of analytical documentation. 

The Tools

  • User Flows
  • Feature Comparison
  • Content Blocking
  • Heuristic Analysis

Key Takeaways

  • Identified common features and formats successful in converting casual browsers into customers
  • Revealed BookitLyst’s areas of opportunity
  • Explored design methods that would set Bookit Lyst apart from the pack 



 Comparative User Flows: 

This preliminary analysis involved comparing time to complete tasks, measured in pages and actions, for various travel apps.  


  • Established bearings for common industry standards and practices
  • Gathered ideas based on existing models
  • Discovered BookiLyst’s existing web-based prototype has a needlessly long and confusing user journey


Because Bookit Lyst is a travel package booking app, it’s aim is to combine features usually offered separately. It was imperative for us to identify common features from disparate offerings, so that we could prioritize the features we really needed.

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  • Certain features—like social sharing and push notifications—occur in all travel booking apps
  • Underutilized features add clutter to interfaces
  • Prioritization would be crucial for an MVP with a 3-week time frame.

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Content Blocking: 

By examining how comparable sites present content, we were able to source inspiration for our own design, and imagine new methods of displaying BookitLyst’s unique content.


  • Large, enticising photographs should be main content
  • Reduction of interface elements and simplification of Information Architecture
  • Frequent Calls to Action ease conversion 
  • “Magazine” feel lends itself to relatable, reliable, beautiful content