A brief history of my universe

I’m Danny. I’m an actor, puppeteer, and blog writer. I grew up watching theatre in the Washington DC area, and trained at the North Carolina School of the Arts under Dean Gerald Freedman. From there, I’ve lived and worked in New York, Washington DC, and toured with the North American touring company of War Horse for two and a half years. Since the tour’s closing in Tokyo, I’ve settled back into my normal routine here in New York City. Well, except for that six months I just spent in a magic show on a cruise ship. I'm not even sure I know what normal is anymore.


But enough about me, let's talk about me...


I like to travel. A lot. Tour life sort of puts that bug in you and I guess it never goes away. I also like to write, hike, climb, play board games, beat my mom at tennis, and pose with exotic animals. Recently I shot a costar spot on the AMC show Turn, Washington's Spies, which is where I got the cool hat in the above photo. They didn't let me keep it.

In case it isn't obvious, I will travel for work.