Hi, I'm Danny.

In addition to being a UX designer, I'm an actor.  I love performing: making people smile, or cry, or think about their lives, but I also love the work.  Exploring the human needs and behaviors that create character is like piecing together a living puzzle.  It is thoughtful, methodical work, and to me it is deeply fulfilling.  

    When I came to UX, it was with a desire to put this love of learning about people to use in creating things that delight, inspire, and solve problems.  I soon discovered there are aspects of my life as an actor that directly map onto design.  

    Empathy and communication help with discovering users’ needs, and also in working together on a close-knit team.  Creating character and synthesizing data into design opportunities are two sides of one coin.  My curiosity and analytical imagination let me see patterns from user interviews and testing data.  These qualities that helped me improvise on stage help me improvise in design, stay open to change, and rapidly iterate on ideas until user needs are met.   

    The principles of UX were within me before coming to UX.  Now I also have the tools of UX, and I can keep telling great stories.




New York, NY





My Design Process